2009 NEWS


A Delegation of Thai Binh Province Vietnam Visited SAU, Apr. 4

A Delegation of 18 from Thai Binh Province Vietnam visited High-tech Agriculture Co. Ltd. and newly founded Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Chengdu. Mr. Zhu Qing, Vice President of SAU, received them and made a welcome speech. He introduced an overview of SAU to the guests and spoke highly of the agricultural cooperation between Thai Binh Province Vietnam and High-tech Agriculture Co. Ltd. SAU. He also showed great concern to the cooperation and promised to try his best to support other cooperation in larger scale and more fields. Mr. Pei, PartySecretary of Thai Binh Province, appreciated the cordial reception and made acknowledgement of the help and support made by the host during the past years. He also showed great interest in the new rural construction model and its achievements in Sichuan and hope to make further and longer cooperation in the future.

A “Never-Give-Up” Speech Given by an American Scholar, Apr.2

In the afternoon of April 2, Dr. Randy, an American scholar from Texas, made a never-give-up speech in Dujiangyan Branch of SAU. More than 400 students of the branch were deeply moved by him. He said his hands were wounded in an accident of electric shock when he was 17 and as a proverb has it that misfortune never comes singly; he totally lost his two arms at the age of 18 when he had his work-study program in a workshop supervised by a careless boss. Disabled man as he is, he has overcome unbelievable difficulties before making it and got his degrees of BS in mechanic engineering, MA in ancient history and religion and DCL in success-science. Showing how he lives in his daily life with a pair of mechanic device he maneuver on the stage and made his listeners a very deep impression before he told them, “Never give up!”

Scholars from Bonn Germany Came to SAU, March 24

Headed by Prof. Hamer from Food Safety Institute of Bonn University Germany and Dr. Jager, the Chief Vet of Nordrhein Westfalen Germany, a delegation came for an academic exchange and cooperation. Mr. Deng Liangji, the Party Secretary, received them and introduced the development of our disciplines and specialties. He also mentioned the “May 12 Wenchuan Earthquake” and introduced the state scientific supporting program of modern agricultural technology that we take up for the after-the-earthquake reconstruction of Anxian County Sichuan. The German guests offered to cooperate with us in the fields of food safety and animal health, which, they said, had been approved by the agricultural ministries of Germany and China. They hope to implement the cooperative programs with the joint efforts of the governments and universities of Germany and China. Then further discussion was made and Prof. Zhang Xiaoping, Head of the International Office of Exchange and Cooperation, and leaders of Veterinary College and Food Engineering College of SAU were present.

Development of CSC-SUNY Program

CSC-SUNY, the scholarship for the earthquake-stricken area, goes smoothly. With the help of our students studying in America, we have established formal relationship with Cobleskill College of New York State University, whose president delegation will pay us a visit and sign an academic exchange agreement on April 24.

News of the Study Abroad Fund of 2009

The application for the state fund of 2009 to study abroad has come to an end. This year we have paid great attention to the work and encouraged our teachers to apply for the fund to study abroad and up to now we have 23 applicants.

A Japanese Student Came to Study Chinese in SAU

Feb. 27, another Japanese student, Erika Toyama by name, was enlisted to study Chinese in the Chinese Training Center of SAU. She will study for a semester according to her plan.

A 32-Teacher-Student Delegation of Hong Kong Visited Our Dujiangyan Branch

Jan.18, 2009, a 32-teacher-student delegation of Hong Kong Chinese University came to our Dujiangyan Branch for a visit of academic exchange. They had a very happy get-together with an equal group of our teachers and students. The party was held in the library hall and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. Leaders of the hosts and guests exchanged greetings and opinions. They expressed their hope to bridge their relationship and friendship in the future academic exchange and cooperation. The guests were greatly touched and concerned about the “5.12 earthquake” that the area suffered and the heroic spirit the local people expressed in the disaster. A short play “Mainland Students Studying in Hong Kong” was put on by the guests and it brought up a climax as everybody sang in chorus “Sichuan, Sichuan, I love you! Sichuan, Sichuan, I support you!” The party really made everyone a very deep impression and couldn’t tear themselves away. In the end, souvenirs were exchanged and both parties had a great day in the spring festival atmosphere.
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