2009 NEWS


Academic Exchange in the College of Animal Science & Technology, Jun. 30- Jul. 6

Dr. Christopher D. Lu, life-long professor of Hawaii University US and former director of the International Goat Association, was invited to make a one-week academic exchange and visit in our College of Animal Science & Technology.

About Sichuan Higher Educational Foreign Affairs, June 26

Sichuan Higher Educational Foreign Affairs Forum is held in the meeting hall of our International Academic Exchange Center. Officials of Sichuan Provincial Educational Bureau and 32 representatives of the 22 universities in Sichuan are present.

The 2nd Graduation Ceremony of Sino-America Turf Management Program, June 20-21

The 2nd Graduation Ceremony of Sino-America Turf Management Program was held in Beijing Forestry University.

Friends from Industrial Company Viet Nam, June 17

Nine guests of Anjiang Biological Protection Corp. Ltd., Viet Nam paid us a visit on their business trip.

Academic Visit of Kabul University Afghanistan, June 9-10

An academic visiting group of 11 from Kabul University, led by Prof. Gul Mohammad Ajir, came for a valuable study trip in SAU.

Lectures Delivered by Australian Professors, May 26-29

Two Professors, Margaret Cargill and Kate Cadman by name, from the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences Adlaide University Australia, came to give lectures on how to write a paper in English and introduced some writing skills. Each of their lectures had a full house.

Large Scale Sino-Germany Academic Exchange in SAU, May 30-June 6

An educational group of Borne University Germany came to SAU for an academic exchange. The group is made up of 23 students of animal science major, 5 teachers and 2 officials of Agriculture & Environment of Nordrhein Westfalen. This exchange is said to be the greatest in scale, largest in number of people and the longest in time during the latest years.

About International Academic Exchange, May 19-20

Dr. Qingping Liu, GCG Corp. Ltd., USA and Dr. Brian, Nutri Vision Pty Ltd., Australia came to SAU for academic exchanges on the science of animal nutrition.

Guest of International Company, May 15

Mr. José-Maríá Hernández, Manager of the Glob Poultry Nutrition Dpt. of DSM Company, visited our units of his interests.

About Sino-America Academic Exchange, May 7

Prof. Frank Shotkoski, Cornell University of USA, delivered a lecture in the auditorium of Yifu Building in the afternoon. Many of our students and teachers had a wonderful time, it is said.

A Return Visit of Japanese Friends, May 4

Dr. Ishizaka, President of Yamanashi pref. Norin High School Japan, led a delegation of three to pay a return visit to us. The High School’s first visit was made by the former president Dr. Kubota in 2006. We paid a return visit to them in 2007 and we two parties have made a great friendship.

Sino-Japan Academic Exchanges, May 1-11

Dr. Yamaguchi, Deputy President of Maebashi Institute of Technology and honorable professor of Tokyo University, companied by Professor Gil-ku, Guest Professor of Hiroshima University, came for an academic exchange with us.

Academic Cooperative Agreement Signed, Apr. 24

Leading a group of four, Mr. Donald P. Zingale, Headmaster of Kaboskil Agriculture and Technology Campus of New York State University, came for an academic visit and signed academic cooperative agreement with us. They were fortunate to be present at the opening ceremony of our 35th School Sports Meeting, they said.

Friends from Viet Nam, Apr. 6

A delegation of 18 from Thai Binh Province Viet Nam paid a friendly visit to our High-tech Agricultural Cor. Ltd. SAU and our Chengdu Scientific Academy.

Development of CSC-SUNY Program

CSC-SUNY, the scholarship for the earthquake-stricken area, goes smoothly. With the help of our students studying in America, we have established formal relationship with Cobleskill College of New York State University, whose president delegation will pay us a visit and sign an academic exchange agreement on April 24
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