2009 NEWS


SAU’s Technology of Crossbreed Rice Interests Guests from East Timor Oct. 17

Escorted by Mr. Hu Yuancong, Ambassador of Chinese Embassy in East Timor, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, Premier of East Timor, led a delegation of 16 and made a visit to our Chengdu Scientific Academy. The delegation, interested in the technology of crossbreed rice, are made up of such distinguished guests as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Finance, Minister of Infrastructure, Natural Resources Secretary of State, East Timor's Ambassador in China, Secretary-General of the Foreign Ministry, Special Adviser to the Premier, Finance Minister Consultant, Administrative Consultant Secretary to the State Natural Resources, Personal Assistant to the Premier, Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Administrative Assistant to the Minister of Finance. Prof. Deng Liangji, the Party Secretary of SAU, received them and hosted a welcome meeting with Prof. Zhu Qing, the Deputy President of SAU. Prof. Jiang Guoling, the Deputy Party Secretary of Chengdu Scientific Academy and Prof. Li Ping, Dean of the Rice Institute were present at the meeting and introduced the development of their research programs. The guests were all ears. Then there was a practicable discussion about the technological issues of crossbreed rice and relative training program for foreign students in the Institute. Later, the guests were escorted to visit the labs of the Rice Institute. The Premier, Mr. Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, showed great interest in this visit and made us a very good impression.

Sino-Russia Academic Exchange in SAU, Sept. 7-10

Dr. Victor S. Kovalev, Deputy Director of Russian Rice InstituteARRRI, and Mr. NaumenkoV.PDean of the Seed-engineering Office, made an academic exchange in the Rice Institute of SAU. They were purposely invited by Dr Zhu Jianqing, one of the specialists of Seed-engineering Institute SAU, and made their first visit in SAU.

About Sino-America Turf Management Program, Sept. 9

A Coordination Meeting was held in SAU to enhance the Sino-America Turf Management Program. Mr. Zhu Qing, Depute President of SAU, hosted the meeting and emphatically made some directions about the funds and students affairs of the program. Workers of the program were all ears.

Development of Sino-America Turf Management Program, Sept. 7

The Program, up to now, has admitted 15 new students this year. The 65 students of Grade 2006, 31 of whom are from SAU, have entered their third school year by now and are to be taught by American teachers. The first American teacher, Prof. Li Hui from Michigan State University, is to arrive on Sptm.13 to give lessons in SAU.

2009 State Funds of Studying-abroad Programs in SAU

We have 4 applicants of the program this year and up to now two of them have been admitted. Besides, we have 19 applicants for the Western Programs at home.

About Foreign Teachers

The Language College has signed two more foreign teachers. One is from Ireland and the other is from UK.

About “International Chinese Training Program”, Sept 4

A new trainee from Japan signed up for Chinese study in SAU. He, Miyazaki Satoru by name, will study in the International Chinese Training Center for one semester.

Sino-India Academic Exchange in SAU, Aug. 21-23

Dr. Raina Satish Kumar, first advisor of Nath Group India & rice-breeding scientist, made an academic visit in the Rice Institute of SAU. He was purposely invited by Dr Zhu Jianqing, Dean of the Seed-engineering Lab SAU, for an academic exchange

Sino-Finland Academic Exchange, Aug. 8-16

Prof. Stina, Helsinki University, paid us a visit for an academic exchange in microbiology.

A Study Group of International Potato Center Came to SAU, Aug. 5

A study group of International Potato Center, headed by Dr. Juan A. Landeo, the famous potato breeding scientist and director of CIP programs, made an on-the-spot investigation in our potato program and visited our Agricultural College.

A Sino-Finland Post Graduate Exchange Program Is Under Way (July 18-28)

Dr. Petri, Helsinki University Finland, is on his business trip in SAU for 10 days to work on the application report of “Cooperative Microbiology MS Program of SAU & HU”.

About Students Summer Vacation Activities, July 15-22

It’s great of our two students, Yin Feng and Zhang Baoyi by name, respectively from Technology & Engineering College and Animal Science College, to take part in “The Youth of Taiwan & the Mainland Eco-humanities Summer Camp” hosted by Sichuan University.
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