2006 NEWS


The First Vietnamese Student of SAU Enlisted for MS Degree On March 9, 2006, a postgraduate student of Vietnam was enlisted to take up the MS causes of clinical veterinary science.

International Academic Exchange between SAU & SwissMarch 9--11, 2006 Two academic lectures were delivered by Mr. Li Maihe, the tenured research fellow of Forestry-Snow-Scenery Academy of Swiss Federation in SAU.
• The Status quo & Developmental Direction of the Global Alpine Forest Belt
• Plants' Action & Response to the Global Climatic Variations

Academic Information Exchange between PIC (Asia) & SAU (S.W. China )March 8, 2006 Dr. Max, Asian vet advisor of PIC (British Pigs Improved Limited Company), and Prof. Wang Hongning, vet advisor of PIC of S.W. China made academic information exchanges of their jobs in Ya'an.

German Bamboo Specialist Came to Visit SAU Feb. 21--23, 2006 Mr. Vaupel and Mr. Fred, bamboo-shoots-and-bamboo-products-trade scholars of Hamburg Bamboos Institute Germany came to the Dujiangyan campus of SAU for an academic visit and exchange.

Delegation of Minnesota USA Visited the Wheat Institute of SAUFeb. 22, 2006 Escorted by Mr. Zhao Xueqian, the vice director of Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Department, a delegation of 33 members of "Agricultural & Rural Leaders Training Program" of Minnesota State USA visited the Wheat Institute of SAU. The guests showed great interests in the Sample Room of Wheat Varieties, the Perennial Plant Garden , the Cytology Lab and the Microphotography Lab in the Institute
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