2005 NEWS


Academic Exchange between Hiroshima University and SAU
From August 13 to 14, 2005, the delegation of Hiroshima University Japan (Dr. Fujita Izumi, Prof. Tomio Itani, and the other two came to SAU for a cooperative visit and academic exchanges. They were welcomed in a friendly way and treated properly for the enhancement of further academic exchanges.

Dr. Joachim von Braun Came to SAU
July 25, 2005, Dr. Joachim von Braun, Chairman of the World Agricultural Economists Association and Head of the International Food Policy Institute of the United Nations, visited SAU upon invitation. He was warmly welcomed by the young teachers of the Economic Management College on the forum and some cooperative affairs were well discussed.

SAU Hosted the EU Asia-Link Project Summary Meeting
On 6 and 7 of April 2005, the Educational Research Group of Chinese Nature & Wild Animal Management Major held a summary meeting with the EU Asia-Link Project in our university. More than 20 scientists and experts from the Netherlands, Finland as well as the Animal Science and Forestry & Horticultural Colleges of SAU attended the meeting. Prof. Deng Liangji, (Vice-Secretary of the University Party Committee), Prof. Zhu Qing (Vice-President of the University) and leaders from the Education Dept. and Forestry Dept. of Sichuan Province were present.

SAU’s Project, Admitted into the "Changjiang Scholarship & Innovating Groups"
The research project of "Exploitation and Utilization of the Southwestern Crops' Specific Gene Resources", supervised by Prof. Pan Guangtang, has been selected by the Ministry of Education as one of the first group members of the "Development Program of the Changjiang Scholarship & Innovating Groups" in 2004. In the field of this research project, scholars of SAU: Yang Kaiqu, Yang Yongkui, Yan Ji, Zhou Kaida, Rong Tingzhao and their colleagues, have been striving for many years in collecting, sorting identifying and evaluating germplasm resources of rice, wheat, corn and other crops. They have done a good job in crop breeding and brought out a number of new breeds of high quality. Dozens of notable achievements have been made in the past years and dozens of the first or the second prizes by the State, Ministries or the province witnessed these achievements.

A Delegation Led by Prof. Yang Wenyu, the Vice-President, Visited Vietnam

During April 4th through 10th, invited by the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, the Dept. of Agriculture of Vietnam and the Agriculture Development Bureau of Thai Binh Province, Prof. Yang visited the country with a delegation made of four staffs (Mr. Wang Yong, Secretary of the Foreign Affair Office, Mr. Liu Wenjiang, Manager of International Trade Dept. of SAU Hi-tech Corporation and Interpreter Huang Anyin. During the five-day visit, they held discussion meeting with nine units such as the Vietnamese Central Seed Co. Ltd., Vietnamese Fruit & Vegetable Institute, the Agri. Bureau of the Ministry of Agri. & Rural Development of Vietnam, Hanoi Foreign Language University, the Hybrid Rice Research Center of the Vietnamese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hanoi Agricultural University, Ho Chi Minh, Thanh Pho Agric. & Forestry University, the Southern Seed Co. Ltd and Thai Binh Provincial Seed Company. It was a successful visit of acknowledgement and friendship while the cooperation between two sides and our intention to enlist some Vietnamese hybrid-rice-training-class students were brought into practical consideration


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