2004 NEWS

 From April 17 to 21, 2004 ,A six-member delegation, headed by Prof. Tadayoshi Nishioka President of Hiroshima Prefectural University of Japan, made a 4-day visit to our university. During the visit, an interschool exchange agreement was signed. President Wen Xintian, Secretary of the Party Committee of SAU, Vice-President Deng Liangji and the directors of SAU institutes attended the signing ceremony. According to the agreement, two schools will launch academic programs in exchanging teaching staffs, students, running academic forums, etc. In addition, two universities will host each other's students and acknowledge their credits reciprocally.

 April 7, 2004, President Joaquim Alberto Chissano, (Mozambique) visited the Rice Institute of our school. President Wen Xintian, Secretary of the Party Committee of our university, Vice-President Deng Liangji, and the director of the Rice Institute respectively introduced SAU to the guests. Highlighted by the introduction of the Rice Institute and SAU Hi-tech Co. Ltd, President Chissano took great interest in the rice breeds of the Institute.

 On the afternoon of March 29, 2004, Mr. S.E.M. Rodolphe ADADA, the Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation Affairs of French-spoken countries, Mr. S.E.M. Pierre Passi, the Congo Ambassador to China, leading a group of 7 VIPs, carried on a friendly visit to our Rice Institute and SAU Hi-tech Company Ltd. with the accompany of the leaders from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Sichuan Foreign Affairs Office. Professor Deng Liangji, Vice-President of SAU and the leaders of Wenjiang district held cordial and friendly talks with the Congolese guests.

 March 25, 2004, Mr. Zhao Xuanping, General Director of Dongsheng, Trading Co. Ltd., U.S.A., leading a group of 6 members, came to our university to have an academic exchange with the Tea Science Department of our university. On the symposium, theses such as the "Present Study on Tea" and the " Quality & Characteristics of Sichuan Tea" were under heated discussion.

 March 16, 2004, Mr. Yamamoto, the Director of the Department of Biological Production, and Prof. Masanori Fujita (PhD), Hiroshima University of Japan, came to visit our university. President Wen Xintian, Secretary of the Party Committee of our university, Vice-Vresident Deng Liangji and other relevant college directors held cordial and friendly talks with the guests.

 Feb. 17, 2004, more than 20 experts from England, the Netherlands, India, Vietnam and home held a seminar in our Economic Management College (SAU). The seminar was hosted for the EU program of "Research on the Sustainable Technology of Small-Scale Vegetable Farming in China and Vietnam"

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