Teaching Position as a Foreign Teacher at Sichuan Agricultural University

Warm greetings from Sichuan Agricultural University (SAU)!

Founded in 1906, SAU is a strategic university in China. As one of the top Agricultural Universities selected for the “211 Project”, SAU receives further funding from the Chinese government to establish the 21st century best Chinese universities.

The university has a complete educational system involving common higher education, postgraduate education, advanced vocational technology education, adult education and modern distant education, and governs 24 colleges, 12 research institutes and several research centers. The number of enrolled full-time students at campus now is more than 37,000 (including over 4,000 graduated students). And there are 1,600 teachers and researchers.

With a total area of 4,500 mu (300 ha.), the university consists of three campuses, i.e. Ya'an main campus, Wenjiang campus and Dujiangyan campus.

Ya'an campus is located in Ya’an city, about 120 km west of Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province. The two cities are connected by a new expressway, which cuts the travel time from Ya’an to Chengdu to an hour and a half. Ya’an is the home of the Giant pandas, and is well known for its beautiful natural setting in the mountains. Surrounded by tea plantations, Ya’an is the birthplace of the tea culture and marks the beginning of one of the main roads of the famous Tea and Horse Caravan. Ya’an is a pivotal point to many famous scenery spots such as the Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park, Luding Bridge and Kangding etc. There are 11 colleges and about 16000 students.

The Chengdu campus is located in Wenjiang, suburb of Chengdu city, the capital city of Sichuan province. The campus lies half an hour away from the Chengdu city center, a half-hour drive from Du Jiangyan Irrigation system, Qingcheng Mountain and other beautiful scenery spots, and 25-minutes drive from the Chengdu-Shuangliu International airport. The Chengdu campus was built in 2010 as a high-level platform for innovative agri-technology. As for now, it consists of 10 colleges, 10 research institutes and 1 research center. About 15000 college students and 3000 graduate students study there.

Dujiangyan campus is located in Dujiangyan city, a national tourist city which is famous for the Dujiangyan Irrigation project (long-established water conservation works) and surrounded by beautiful mountains. It’s about 40 km away from Chengdu city, the capital city of Sichuan province. This campus comprises 4 colleges and over 6000 college students and graduate students.

The university, one of the first 200 universities entitled to receive overseas students, is active in international academic exchanges with over 50 universities and research institutes from America, Canada, Germany, Holland, Russia, Thailand and Japan, etc. Since the reform and opening to the outside world, over 2,200 foreign experts have come to do research work and give lectures at SAU.

Foreign teachers appreciate SAU’s beautiful and peaceful campus as well as the friendship and cooperation shown by the students, the university staff in general, and the staff of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation in particular.

The university employs a team of English speakers to teach English to graduate and undergraduate students. Candidates with Bachelor degrees in fields like English, history, or agriculture, and with experience teaching English language and literature would be competitive. Candidates should be in good health and have two-year working experience at least. Each teacher is responsible for 14-16 class hours per week.

SAU provides each teacher with a private well-furnished and air-conditioned apartment with a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. The monthly basic salary is in the range of 4500-5500 RMB, depending on the teacher’s highest academic degree (from bachelors degree to doctorate degree), of which 70% can be exchanged into a foreign currency (U.S. dollars, Euros or British Pounds for instance). In addition, each teacher is granted a 2200 RMB travel allowance. For a one-year contract, the university provides 10,000 RMB for one round trip international air ticket.

If you are interested in the employment or having any candidates, please contact us with the following necessary information:

1. Resume (enclosed with 1 picture, 2 inches in size).

2. Health Certificate.

3. Related copy of educational certificates or transcripts (at least bachelor degree).

4. Copy of a valid passport (with the page of passport number and picture) .

5. Available contacting address.

There is a Chinese training center at the university; you can also study Chinese here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be glad to answer all your questions:

Contact person: Ms. Chen Qiong

Tel: 0086-835-2882280

Fax: 0086-835-2883166

Email: aumdwsb@sicau.edu.cn

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation

Sichuan Agricultural University

Yaan, Sichuan 625014

P. R. China