Chineses Tea Culture and Mengding Tea Art

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Institute: College of Horticulture

Location: Chengdu campus

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Introduction: China is the hometown of tea and the Mengding mountain of Ya’an Sichuan China is the birthplace of tea civilization and the cradle of tea culture that have made it well-known in the world. The Mengding Mountain, seen in the distance of the university, is the original place of tea with history of more than one thousand years in tea planting, tea making and tea sipping art. It is also the symbol of the unique Sichuan Culture, ancient and modern, as well as part of the Chinese Tea Culture. Sichuan Agricultural University, one of the key universities in China and the host school for tea specialists (undergraduate degree and graduate degree), has its share of high-rank tea scholars. In recent years, it has established academic exchanges with universities of Taiwan, Honking and many foreign universities of Japan, South Korea, America, and Canada and so on. It offers such teaching programs as Chinese tea history tea-planting and tea-making theory, Mengding tea culture, field school seminar and Tibet-Sichuan Tea-Horse Rout tour in bilingualism of Chinese and English or Japanese or Korean. The applicant who completes the courses will be awarded a certificate.

Courses: Depending on training duration

 (1) two weeks short-term training: Tea Culture, Tea Art, Tea tasting and testing; Visitation: Mengding Mountain, Chongzhou tea garden and Chengdu Longhe International Tea Market.

 (2) four weeks short-term training: Tea Culture, Tea Art, Tea Biochemistry, Tea tasting and testing, Tea processing, Tea cultivation and breeding; Visitation: Mengding Mountain, Tea processing factory, Mingshan and Chongzhou tea gardens and Chengdu Longhe International Tea Market.

Program Time: From late March to early July each year.

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Chinese Tea Culture and Mengding Tea Art


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4 weeks




Application Time:

Spring semester: March 1 to June 15

Autumn semester: September 1 to December 15

Application Process:

Students submit their application materials to Email box of the international office according to the instructions of Admission Information on  Email address:

1) Acceptance letter from contact person

2) Application Form for International Students at SAU

3) CV

4) A Copy of the Passport (information page).

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