Edible fungi production technology

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Institute: College of Resources and Environment

Location: Chengdu campus

Contact person:  Yunfu Gu(Email: guyf@sicau.edu.cn

Introduction: The College of Resources and Environment in Sichuan Agricultural University has a teaching research troop who are excellent in the development and utilization of edible fungi resources and cooperate with the local governments and companies in edible fungi production and product development, making contributions to the construction of local ecology and economy.The edible fungi resource development and utilization is very critical for ecological agriculture and circular utilization of resources. Forexploitation the concept of ecological agriculture, Sichuan Agricultural University would like to offer a training class of edible fungi production technology and sincerely welcome foreign friends to come for studying. The training class will focus on the edible fungus production technology and make the students learn and master the technique in seed production of some conventional edible fungi(e.g. Agaricus bisporus, oyster mushroom, Lentinus edodes), and grasp the skills in production and processing technology of grass rot edible fungi.And Sichuan Agricultural University will issue a certificate for the graduates.

Courses: On the basis of agricultural microbiology, the students will be arranged to studythe physiology, pest control, cultivation and process technology of cultivable edible fungi. Various teaching methods such as classroom learning, seminar, teaching practice and site investigation will be used during the learning time. Finally, students will be arranged to have internships in the edible fungi production farms or factories nearby.

Program Time: academic year

Program durations and fees


Language of Instruction


Fees (RMB Yuan)




Edible Fungus Production Technology






8 weeks





4 weeks




8 weeks




Note:  Minimum class size: More than 3 persons.

The visiting practice sites will be arranged in Chengdu and Ya’an city in Sichuan province.

Application Time:

Spring semester: March 1 to June 15

Autumn semester: September 1 to December 15

Application Process:

Students submit their application materials to Email box of the international office according to the instructions of Admission Information on http://english.sicau.edu.cn/?p=6.  Email address: iso@sicau.edu.cn.

1) Acceptance letter from contact person

2) Application Form for International Students at SAU

3) CV

4) A Copy of the Passport (information page). 

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