Brief Introduction of Sichuan Agricultural University

 national “Bai-Qian-Wan Talents Project” (100-1000-10,000 Talents Project) and one renowned teacher at the state level. The university library of SICAU owns a collection over 3,850,000 books, and Chinese and foreign journals and newspapers, and it is the greatest documentary information center in the southwestern area of China.

SICAU has attained a great number of scientific achievements at advanced levels. Up to now, she has gained 52 teaching achievement prizes above provincial level. Among them, 3 items are the first prizes of the state in higher education and 7 are the second of the state in higher education. And the university has won over 400 scientific and technological prizes at or above provincial and ministerial levels. Among the prizes are 2 items of the First Class National Invention Prize, 2 items of the Second Class National Scientific Invention Prize, 1 item of the Second Class National Natural Science Prize and 11 items of the Second Class Prize of the National Scientific  Advancement

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